Thank you for showing an interest in adopting a RSDR animal from Rudozem Street Dog Rescue in Bulgaria. It is our policy to make sure that each person who adopts one of our dogs or cats is aware of the responsibilities of owning a dog/cat, and is capable of and willing to accept those responsibilities morally, physically and financially. Please read the articles on our adoption page. By completing this questionnaire, you will help us to determine if the dog/cat you are interested in is suited to your family and situation. By adopting a dog/cat from Rudozem Street Dog Rescue, you are helping to save the life of an animal which may have suffered abuse, hardship or would have died on the streets. Each Adopter is asked for a contribution. The contribution does not cover all the costs incurred, but helps ensure RSDR continue to do their rescue work in saving and caring for more street dogs and cats. Questions marked by * are required. Please note: If you are applying to adopt a cat, some questions may not be relevant so please put NA next to those questions.
Privacy Policy - ‎In submitting this application, I confirm that I have read the Privacy Policy at http://www.streetdogrescue.com/privacy-notice and that I give my consent to Rudozem Street Dog Rescue to contact to me in order to process my application to adopt/foster a dog or cat. If my application is successful I give consent to receive content from Rudozem Street Dog Rescue by phone or email in accordance with RSDR's Contract with following up on your dogs and cats' progress and provide ongoing support where required, as well as any news or updates. I also understand that my details will not be shared with any third party outside of Rudozem Street Dog Rescue, nor for any other purpose, without my explicit consent. *
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For Dogs - What type of dog are you considering? Gender, size, energy level. (Please note: That RSDR cannot predict adult size of puppies and can only give approximate estimates, and cannot determine breed type due to several generations of street dogs)
Applicant Details. (Please list Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss etc), First Name and Last name of main applicants (please do not list dependents).
How many persons live in the household? Please list ages. (including applicants ages)
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If approved for adoption, would you like to join our adopters support group on facebook? To join facebook please provide links below.
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Other way you heard about RSDR?
Have you read RSDR's website and are aware of the background of cruelty towards our animals? www.streetdogrescue.com
UK - Even though we provide photos & videos of our animals. Are you aware that the shelter is in Bulgaria. RSDR only send their animals to the UK if they are adopted or fostered, so the first time you would meet the animal in person in the UK is after they are transported, and you collect them at the Kennels in Surrey on collection day?
With this in mind it's important to try to match the right person with the right dog/cat. Could you tell us a bit about yourself & family and your lifestyle?
Occupation (and partners):
Do you work? (Fulltime, Part-time, Casual, Self Employed, Retired, Other). How many hours per week?
Please advise your work schedule for the week. Please provide start time and finish times for each day, from Monday to Sunday.
Does your partner work? (Fulltime, Part-time, Casual, Self Employed, Retired, Other). How many hours per week?
Partner - Please advise partners work schedule for the week. Please provide start time and finish times for each day, from Monday to Sunday.
Do you have children in the family or children that regularly visit? (under 18 years of age). Please read RSDR's rehoming policy with children under 8 years old at www.streetdogrescue.com/adoption-process-to-uk
If yes, please enter the ages and gender of the children.
How do your children behave towards existing pets or family/friends pets?
Do you understand the necessity of supervising pets when around young children?
Do all members of the family agree with the adoption of the dog or cat?
If you have no children - are you planning to have children within the next few years?
What type of area do you live in? Inner Suburbs, Suburban, Semi-Rural, Rural, Other?
How busy and noisy is the traffic near your dwelling?
Type of Dwelling? Please describe. (eg. House, House with Acreage, Apartment, Rural, Other)
Do you own or rent your dwelling?
If rented, do you have your landlords permission to have a cat or dog, and are you able to provide a written copy of your lease or provide written permission from your landlord?
Please upload a copy of your attachment of rental written agreement by pressing the below button, or email the agreement to rsdrukadopt@gmail.com (please note: you can also show this to the home checker)
Please explain more about your dwelling? Is it a one storey building, or two? Does it have stairs? What type of flooring? eg. carpet, tiles, wooden?
Do you have a yard or garden?
  • Yes
  • No
Explain about your yard/garden. Example: Size of garden, is it a town garden, large property pasture, do you have a pool?
Is your garden/yard fenced?
  • Yes
  • No
What is the height of your fence? What type of fence? (RSDR require a minimum of 5 foot height in fencing on the main part of the garden. The min height requirement might change depending on size of dog).
Are you able to email photos of the inside of the house as well as front and back garden/fencing?
  • Yes
  • No
Bulgaria - If you are outside the Rudozem/Smolian area. Are you able to email detailed videos of the inside of the house as well as front and back garden/fencing? You can email either a youtube link or send large files through www.wetransfer.com
  • Yes
  • No
As a child, when living with family - (cat or dog) What animals did you have in the past? and your level of experience.
As an adult since leaving home - (cat or dog) What animals have you had? and your level of experience.
If you currently have (cats or dogs) please provide details. Example: Age, gender, type, personality. Where did you get them from?
Are they neutered and have current up to date vaccinations?
Have you ever had to give up a dog or cat for any reason?
  • Yes
  • No
If yes, please explain why you had to give the dog or cat up?
Do you currently have any other animals?
  • Yes
  • No
Please share details of your other pets:
Has any member of your current family household ever experienced animal related allergies?
Who would be responsible for the care of the dog/cat? (Please note: The person responsible would be an adult in the family.)
Would the dog or cat be left alone during the day on a regular basis?
  • Yes
  • No
If yes, for how many hours per day? / How many days per week?
Dog - If the dog is left alone for more then 4 hours a day, please advise your plans. (note: are you able to arrange someone to look after the dog. eg. doggy daycare, House sitter with friend/family, dog walker or similar?)
In the day - Will the dog have the run of the house after the settling period has passed? If no, please advise areas and how big these areas are if adequate space and will the dog have interaction with family. (RSDR animals are to be family animals and not left in the yard all day or night). We ask you to email photos of this area.
Cat - If a cat is left alone for more then 4 hours a day - do you have anyone to check on them during the day, or are you able to check on them during your lunch break?).
In the initial settling period, we advise our animals to be kept separate from other pets & children for at least 3-6 days before short gradual positive introductions are made as the stress level of the dogs/cats will be high after travel. Do you have a room where the dog/cat can settle in quietly without viewing pets/children? This would be a room with a door you can close. Or an area where babygates can be used with blankets over the top.
Where would the dog sleep? Describe its sleeping arrangements.
Do you intend to use a crate and if so please give details of how and when it will be used? (note: RSDR do not agree with the use of crates, if they are to be used, they are to be used as a bed only with the door open. Crates are only ever to be used with the door shut, in emergencies or for short periods of time. No dog should be shut in a crate on a regular basis or for long periods of time.)
Dog - If the dog has issues at night time with fear and separation, for the first 1-2 weeks, are you willing to let the dog into your own room? Or are you able to sleep in the same room with the dog in the settling period?
Cat - If you are adopting a cat, RSDR prefer their cats to be indoor cats (with only a few exceptions). Would you agree to the cat being an indoors cat or have access to an outside catio or cat enclosure?
In the initial settling period, because our dogs may have issues with settling. It is important that adopters do not walk their RSDR dog within the first week after arrival at their new home. This is to let the dog adjust to their own house/yard (household people/pets), (smells, sounds, sights etc), so as to not over stress their dog with too much stimulation/exposure. We have found being introduced too fast can over stress our dogs. Do you understand the necessity with waiting a week before introducing walks?
Are you able to provide your dog with regular exercise? When would this be during the day and how long for?
Are you able to provide mental stimulation with your dog or cat? How would you do this?
A dog or cat is a commitment for approximately 12 – 15 years. Are you willing to accept responsibility for your dog/cat for that period of time?
If you go on holidays, do you have someone to look after the dog or cat or would they go in a kennel?
Who would look after the dog/cat if you became incapacitated, long-term sick or in the event of death?
What will you do with your dog/cat if you move house?
Are you aware that some rescue animals may have issues and difficulty in settling and may need time (weeks, months or years), lots of work and understanding?
Can you give me some examples of what issues the animal may have when settling, and what would you do to help them with settling?
Can you confirm that you have read over the 'Adopting a RSDR animal' brochure (listing possible issues) and let us know if you have had any experience of dealing with an animal with behavioural issues?
Dogs - Will you take your dog to puppy/dog classes for obedience training?
Before Adoption - Have you researched trainers and behaviourists (reward based - force free) in preparation for adoption to help with any behaviour issues your animal might have with settling?
(optional) Please list force free/reward based dog trainers and behaviourists & their contact details/ websites in your area you have been researching.
For a dog - What would you do with the following issues, in a positive way? (Write a few words next to each) 1. Barking 2. Digging 3. Growling 4. Biting 5. Accidents in the house 6. Noise fear such as city noises eg. Traffic city noises, fireworks.
For a cat - What would you do with the following issues, in a positive way? (Write a few words next to each) 1. Scratching Furniture 2. Spraying 3. Climbing Curtains 4. Getting into toxic plants 5. Yowling 6. Aggression/scratching/biting
What type of issues would be a deal breaker with you after adoption?
Have you researched solutions for these issues? Please advise what your solutions would be.
Will the animal be insured?
Name of Veterinarian:
Veterinarians Address:
Vets Phone Number / Email Address and Website:
(Optional) Letter of Reference from your vet. (please upload or email to rsdrukadopt@gmail.com)
RSDR's aim is to one day start a spay/neuter clinic and train local vets. Due to lack of vet experise in the Rudozem area in Bulgaria, it may not be possible to neuter your animal before adoption, due to the 8 hour round road trip to the nearest vet. If your animal has not been neutered, would you be prepared to neuter your animal in your country, if RSDR are unable to do so before adoption?
We advise adopters take 2-3 weeks holiday at home to help with the initial settling period with their RSDR animal. Would you be able to take time off work (if applicable)?
Are you able to provide car transport to the meeting venue to collect your dog / cat?
Have you read the adoption process on our website, or via email?
  • Yes
  • No
Please tell us why you would like to adopt a dog or cat from RSDR?
Do you have any questions or comments about the dog or cat you are wanting to adopt?
What days and times are you and your partner both free at the same time for a phone interview. (please indicate days and time spans. Note: Interview needs to be done with both applicants (partner).
Before your phone interview, we will give you a link to read our Adopters Support Website. This website page has information on our RSDR animals and what they are like at the shelter, and issues they may have settling. Are you prepared to read this in depth before the interview?
  • Yes
  • No
As part of our home checking process. At your home check, do you agree to letting our home checker view your Photo ID (to verify identity) and proof of current address (A telephone, utility or cable television or similar bill).
  • Yes
  • No
RSDR may do a followup visit with a volunteer home checker a month after you collect your animal. Would you agree to this home visit?
  • Yes
  • No
Do you agree to a representative of the foundation occassionally contacting you, and if in the area, a home visit, and would you keep us informed of the dogs or cats welfare with regular updates with photos or videos?
  • Yes
  • No
Do you agree to allow RSDR to use any photos/videos in updates of adopted animals by email/facebook to use on their website & social media to help with promoting RSDR?
  • Yes
  • No
Do you wish to receive content by email from RSDR on news, fundraising, and events?
  • Yes
  • No
Have you completed all required questions for a dog or cat? (Note: Please check you have answered all questions relevant? Applications where only half the questions are answered will not be considered.)
  • Yes
  • No
Questionnaire Information - All of the information I have provided in this questionnaire is true and correct. If any of the information changes, I will advise you promptly. I agree to answer all relevant questions and supply the information asked for in the questionnaire. *
  • Agree
  • Disagree