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4. GENERAL RELEASE & LIABILITY WAIVER: I hereby authorize Ave Maria Dance Academy, LLC, and all of its employees, agents, and representatives to instruct my child in dance classes and related activities for the 2020-2021 season. I recognize that there may be dangers associated with certain dance and performance activities, including but not limited to falling, twisting, breaking, and/or injuring limbs, hips, knees, elbows, and all related injuries. I understand that while Ave Maria Dance Academy, LLC, will take reasonable care during periods of instruction, there is the possibility that injuries may occur in the course of that instruction. I hereby release and absolve Ave Maria Dance Academy, LLC, its employees, instructors, substitute instructors, agents, and Ave Maria Development, LLLP, and its employees, affiliates and representatives from all claims and causes of action arising from my child’s participation; inside the dance studio (5068 Annunciation Circle, Suite 103, Ave Maria, Fl. 34142) and anywhere within the town of Ave Maria or any off premises events. (Please initial in box) *
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