Ocah Wrap Conversion ~ Customer Order Form for carriers to be sewn in 2017.
Questions marked by * are required.
1. Please complete details of your name and full address for shipping. *
2. Please provide me with an email address where I may contact you if I have any questions regarding your order. *
3. Which Style of Wrap Conversion are you ordering ?
  • Full Buckle ( £154 )
  • Reverse Half Buckle with Buckle shoulder + tie waist (£115)
  • Ring Style Waist Carrier (£104)
  • Padded Tie Waist ( £87)
  • Clipee Half Buckle (£104)
4. Which Size Wrap Conversion would you like ? *
5. Which style of Shoulder Straps would you like ? *
6. Which style of sleephood would you like ? *
7. Would you like any of the following additions for the waist on your carrier. *
8. Would you like any of the following additions to your carrier ?
  • Leg Padding (£15) - Please note: Leg padding is included in the Price of Ordering a Full Buckle.
  • Arms out Padding (+ £22)
  • Additiona wrap fabric added to inside body - please note this would only be used if your wrap is especially thin (+ £9)
  • Matching Keyring (+£12)
  • Matching Chest Strap for OFB (£15)
  • Double reach hood ties (£5.00)
  • Perfect Fit Adjusters - straps will adjust from 17-20 (£18)
  • Make my carrier reversible (£20)
9. Which wrap have you chosen for your conversion ? *
10. Please ensure that you have the correct size wrap for your WC by confirming one of the following options below. PLEASE NOTE: If you are ordering a Wrap Conversion with either a Chevron Style or Pintuck hood or have asked for double reach hood ties you may require a longer length wrap than is stipulated below. Please email me if you require more information hello@ocah.co.uk
11. If you Wrap has a Stripe Pattern on it please can you tell us if you would like the stripes to run Horizontal (across) or vertical (down) on the front of your carrier/sleephood. If you choose to have the stripes running horizontally please can you tell us which colour stripe you would prefer to be at the top of your carrier.
12. This section is for you to add any other information to your order form. * Note if you have any questions about your order please email me at hello@ocah.co.uk before submitting your completed form.