Dog Adoption Application
Questions marked by * are required.
1. Adoption Process Steps: 1) After we receive your application it will be reviewed by our Board. If any additional questions need to be asked, they will either be e-mailed to you or you will receive a phone call from a member of AFF. 2) Vet and personal references will be checked. If your application is approved thus far, a member of AFF will call you to set up a house check date, 3) The last part of the adoption process is a member(s) of AFF collecting the adoption fee and your signing the Adoption Contract in your home in which you agree to certain conditions, such as keeping the animal(s) as Indoor house pet(s), maintaining regular veterinary care, allowing an AFF member(s) to visit your home after placement of the animal(s), surrendering the animal back to AFF if you violate the contract, to name a few. Do you understand the 3 steps in our adoption process & agree to them?
  • Yes
  • No
2. Where did you hear/see this dog(s)l to know he/she is up for adoption?
3. Today's Date:
4. Your Name and Age: *
5. Spouse, Roommate, partners ‘ name(s) & age(s):
6. Your Occupation: full time or part time?
7. Full Address: (P.O Box not acceptable)
8. Home Number:
9. Cell Number:
10. Work Number:
11. E-mail Address: *
12. Do you have a Facebook account? If yes what is your Facebook name?
13. Name of dog(s) you are interested in adopting? (Leave blank if you are not sure and would like AFF to help you choose which one of our furbabies would best fit into your family.)
14. Breed(s) of dog(s) you are interested in?
15. Age of dog(s) your are interested in?
16. Sex of dog(s) you are interested in?
  • Male
  • Female
  • No Preference
17. Please list ALL the dog(s) you have now (name(s), breed(s), age(s) and how long you have owned the dog(s).
18. Do you currently have a cat(s)? If yes please list ALL name(s), breed(s), age(s) and how long you have owned the cat(s).
19. Are all the pet(s) you have now spayed/neutered? If not, why?
20. Name and number of Vet who cares for your current animal(s)? In whose name(s) are the Vet records listed?
21. Where does your current animal(s) sleep?
22. Are your current animal(s) allowed on the furniture? If no, why?
23. Does your current animal(s) get along with other animal(s)? If not, please list what animal(s) and explain the circumstances.
24. How do you plan to introduce the new dog(s) to your current dog(s) and household?
25. If you have a cat(s) how do you plan to introduce the new dog(s) to your current cat(s)?
26. If you have lost a pet(s) through death, please explain the circumstances of death. (Please include name(s), age(s), year(s) your pet(s) died, and the Vet(s) who cared for him/her/them.)
27. Do you have any animals (cat/dog) that are currently not living with you? If yes, please explain…
28. Would you ever give away a dog(s)? If yes, under what circumstances.
29. Would you ever give away a cat(s)? If yes, under what circumstances.
30. Have you ever given away a dog(s)? If yes, please explain the circumstances.
31. Have you ever given away any other animal(s) cat(s), bird(s), rabbit(s), etc... If yes, please explain circumstances.
32. What qualities do you like about having a pet? What qualities do you dislike about having a pet(s)?
33. How long have you been considering adopting a dog(s)?
34. Why are you interested in adopting a dog(s) at this time?
35. Do you understand that your new dog(s) may develop some issues adjusting to his/her new home, such as house training, chewing, barking, potty problems, etc . . .?
36. How much time are you willing to give your new dog(s) to adjust to his/her new home?
37. If any issues occur and do not resolve in a reasonable amount of time, what will you do?
38. Please explain what you would do if your dog(s) were to bite or be aggressive to another animal(s) or a person(s). (Please answer this question even if you never had the experience.)
39. Who will be the primary owner(only 1 person can be the owner)? Who will be the primary caregiver(s) for the new dog(s)?
40. Do you live in a house, condo, apartment, farm, w/parents/family members, etc....
41. Do you rent or own? If you rent, please include a copy of your Lease, including your Landlords’ name and number, stating you are permitted to have an animal(s).
42. If you rent are you allowed any breed(s) &/or size of dog(s)?
43. Please list ALL adults and children currently living in your household (names, relationship to you and ages, including yourself.)
44. How many hours a day will your dog(s) be left alone? What provisions will be made for your dogs(& other animal(s) while you are not home?
45. If you cannot get home by the usual time, what will happen to your animal(s)?
46. How often do you go out of town? Who will take care of your dog(s) when you are out of town/on vacation? How will they be taken care of (boarded, pet sitter, etc…)?
47. How will you exercise your new dog(s)? How often? Where?
48. Do you have a fenced in yard? If so, what type and what height?
49. If you do not have a fence, what provisions will be made for elimination/exercise for your dog(s)?
50. Do you use chemical treatment on your lawn? If yes, what type and how often?
51. Do you have a doggie door? Is it open all day & night, even if you are away from home?
52. Will you be using crates or kennels? If yes, please describe.
53. Will your new dog(s) be allowed on the furniture?If no, why?
54. Where will your new dog(s) sleep? Please explain.
55. How will you handle chewing/scratching the furniture, digging etc . . . and other potential destructive behavior?
56. Are your current animal(s) on preventive medicine for heartworm disease?
57. Do your current animal(s) get flea and tick preventive medicine/treatment? If so,how often and what kind?
58. Are you planning to move in the near future? If yes, when and where will you be moving?
59. If you were to move, what will happen to your animal(s)?
60. Is anyone in your home allergic to animals? If yes, who, what type animal(s) & are they on any treatment for their allergies? What kind of treatment?
61. Are you familiar with animal control laws in your area?
62. Is/Are the animal(s) you are interested in adopting a gift for someone? If yes, for whom?
63. Please describe the condition of your pet at the time you would decide to euthanize him/her? (Please answer this question even if you never had this experience.)
64. Please list name, phone number, and relationship of two (2) references that are familiar with your lifestyle, pet history and ability to care for your animals. No family members please! These references must be pet owners themselves.
65. Do all people that currently live in your household understand the responsibility of adopting & caring for a dog(s)?
66. Do you have preparations made for your Dog (s) if something were to happen to you and you could no longer care for your dog(s)?
67. Will you feel harassed, if a member(s) of AFF contact &/or visit you throughout the dog(s) life? If yes, why? Please explain…..
68. Do you agree and understand AFF will be in contact with you throughout the dog(s) life?
69. Do you understand that you will be responsible for the neutering/spaying of this AFF rescue animal, if he/she is not already neutered /spayed? A Vet certificate will be required after the surgery.
70. Are you prepared to assume financial responsibility for this AFF animal, including when this/these animal(s) are older? (proper senior pet care, licensing, vet care, etc . . .)
  • Yes
  • No
71. Do you understand and agree that there will be an adoption fee of AT LEAST $200.00 for puppies up to 2 years old and $150.00 for Dogs over 2 years old? This fee may include the dogs(s) being spayed/neutered, current on vaccinations and that this fee MUST be paid at the time the final adoption contract is signed?
  • Yes
  • No
72. Do you understand AFF has the right to take the dog(s) back if they feel for any reason the dog(s) are not being cared for properly? Without refund.
  • Yes
  • No
73. Do you agree that if you ever have to relinquish AFF dog(s), the dog(s) MUST be returned to Animal Friends Furever, Inc.? We must have sufficient notice/time to find another home/foster home for the dog(s)?
  • Yes
  • No
74. Do you understand and agree that you will not adopt the animal until a member(s) of AFF does a house check? (Please note your application to adopt an AFF animal(s) is not completed until the house check is done & may still be denied.)
  • Yes
  • No
75. I am in full agreement with Animal Friends Furever, Inc. terms and conditions of adoption. By signing below I am attesting to the truthfulness of my answers. I understand falsification of any of the above information will be grounds to forfeit & disallow the adoption of an AFF animal(s). NOTE: Typing your name is accepted as your signature on this application...... Applicants’ Signature: