2020 Empath Awakening Circle WAITING LIST & INTEREST FORM
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3. What is motivating your interest in the Empath Awakenings Circle (our 6-month program)? *
4. What are the most important 1-2 topics/themes that interest you?
5. Are you available Tuesday evenings for 2 hours starting in Sept 2020? *
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6. How did you first hear of Michael's work (google, webinar, summit, facebook, recommendation?). If it's a recommendation, PLEASE do list the person so I can thank them! :) *
7. Please describe your level of excitement and motivation to enroll in the circle?
8. Please acknowledge: *
  • I acknowledge that the next step is to work with Michael personally in either the Empath Academy or a personal session prior to class starting in Sept 2020. My monthly investment will be $397/ month for 6 months and I will enter into a monthly subscription contract by making the first payment at that time.